Deda Happel. Artist. Painter. Wife.


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As a native of Northeast Tennessee, swallowed in a blanket of God’s alluring landscapes,I have felt at home with its light, patterns and beauty since childhood. Every cloud, field or tree told a story. As an artist, I try to capture that story in my paintings. Each entity of nature is symbolic of one’s story. Trees, no matter how similar they all look, are intricately created unique, as are we.

My inspiration is derived from a range of artistry. The background of my work consists of a impressionistic style which is to portray a past experience or memory. The foreground of the painting, which is elevated by cascading canvases, is inspired by photography. This part of the painting is like a photograph being brought into focus and captures the present or the future of the story. The scenery is often dramatic with ominous clouds representing the storms or struggles in our lives while light through breaks in the clouds offer us hope.

My recent works are executed with acrylic paint and sealed with a uv resistant sealer. Each Canvas is custom made for the shape best suiting the piece. The paintings range in size and in price to appeal to all future investors.

My work is meant to evoke emotions of one’s own life or the life of a loved one. I pray that it will stir in you, hope for a better future.


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